Jae is a Managing Director at Partners Investment Co., Ltd., a healthcare-focused investment firm based in Seoul, Korea with more than $1bil cumulative AUM. He is a life sciences investor, entrepreneur and the co-founder of multiple groundbreaking companies in life sciences and healthcare. 

Jae has co-founded and invested in those companies that have innovative sciences and philosophy to address unmet medical needs for patients. Through his role in Partners Investment’s incubation hub, the company’s innovation foundry, Jae has created companies that include Medinno (Neural stem cell therapeutics for stroke and Spinal Cord Injury), Astrogen (amino acid-based drugs for Autism spectrum disease), Genecast (liquid biopsy for early stage cancer diagnostics) and has invested in early staged companies including IVIVA Medical (artificial bio-organs), Cytonus Therapeutics (enucleated cell delivery platform for oncology) and Paracrine Therapeutics (exosome therapeutics for skin diseases). He currently serves as board director of more than 10 portfolio companies.

Jae currently manages global healthcare funds, in aggregate over $200mil, with more than 15 global healthcare portfolio companies including Generate Biomedicines, Ring Therapeutics, Senda Biosciences (US), Cellestia Biotech (Swiss) and Affamed Therapeutics (China) and Cerecin, a Nestle company (Singapore). 

Jae has worked for over 10 years in the life sciences and healthcare industry. He began his career as a researcher at Samsung Medical Center and served as both a project manager of clinical staged biological drugs and a BD manager at Genexine Inc. a KOSDAQ listed biotech.

Jae was awarded PhD and MSc in Medicine with neuroanatomy study at the College of Medicine at Seoul National University, and BSc Honors in Medical Sciences with human anatomy study at King’s College London. Jae has co-authored more than 15 peer-reviewed articles.