Founded in 2018 and based in San Diego, CA, Trutino Biosciences is a pre-clinical stage biotech company dedicated to the discovery and development of safe and effective next-generation cytokine therapies. At Trutino, our goal is to enable the full therapeutic power of cytokines in Immuno-Oncology and Autoimmune Diseases (AD) by developing ZytokinesTM, pro-cytokines engineered to be activated and retained at the disease sites.

We use our On-Demand-Cytokine (ODC) platform technology to generate ZytokinesTM that are designed to selectively stimulate tumor-fighting immune cells for cancer patients or suppress inflammation for AD patients without causing systemic adverse side effects. Our lead asset is entering IND-enabling development stage and we aim to initiate the first-in-human Phase I study in solid cancer in Q1, 2025.

Trutino means ‘balance or equilibrium’ in Latin, and this is our core mission as we believe restoring the body’s immune balance is the most effective way to achieve durable clinical responses.